Over the past decade, TRACER has published the following papers on topics related to the manufacture and development of improved primary and secondary cells and batteries:

At the 33rd International Power Sources Symposium (June, 1988)

  1. Characterization of Performance of Small Hermetic Li/TCE Cells
  2. Use of Proton NMR to Characterize SOCl2 Electrolyte
  3. Low Temperature Performance of a Power Pack for a 2-W Beacon

At the 34th International Power Sources Symposium (June, 1990)

  1. Performance of AA- Size Spiral-Wound Li/LixCoO2 Cells
  2. Factors Affecting the Performance of Li/SOCl2-TAA Cells
  3. Determination of State of Charge in Li/SOCl2 Cells
  4. Factors Affecting the Performance of Li/TCE Cells

At the 35th International Power Sources Symposium (June, 1992)

  1. Storage and Reduced Temperature Effects on Li/TCE Cell Performance

At the 36th Power Sources Conference (June, 1994)

  1. Performance of Non-Magnetic SOCl2-Based Cells and Batteries (with NSWC)

At the 37th Power Sources Conference (June, 1996)

  1. Performance of Hg-Free Batteries
  2. Safety Tests of Mine Batteries Made with Non-Magnetic Cells
  3. Performance of D-Size Lithium Secondary Cells
  4. Performance of Non-Magnetic Li/CFx AA-Size Cells

At the 20th International Power Sources Symposium (April, 1997)

  1. Improvements in Li-CFx Cells

At the 2nd Intl. Symp. on New Materials for Modern Battery Systems (July, 1997)

  1. High Capacity Li/CFx Cells

At the 192nd Meeting of the Electrochemical Society (September, 1997)

  1. Electrochemical Behavior of Fluorinated Carbons in Non-Aqueous Media

Tracer has the following papers submitted for publication in 1998:

At the 38th Power Sources Conference (June, 1998)

  1. Performance of a Solid-State Secondary Lithium Pouch-Cell
  2. Storage of Li-CFx Cells

At the 9th International Meeting on Lithium Batteries (July, 1998)

  1. The Mechanism of Electrochemical Reduction of Carbon Monofluoride in Aprotic Media
  2. Analysis of Modes of Failure of Li-ION Battery Packs

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